Privacy and Confidentiality


1. Although some governmental agencies of the technically well developed nations and the private institutions that are directly or indirectly linked to public have admitted that all the information that travels via the World Wide Web is intercepted or could be intercepted, is committed to keep the identifying information the users provide for or during the use of the services of this Portal confidential.

2. may ask the user for personal information during the registration process in some of the sections or areas of this Portal. These backgrounds are very important in order to maintain, enrich, change or modify the design and the content of the pages.

Since this is a Portal principally made for the adolescents, specifically recommends that the young users consult their parents or teachers before providing any personal background information or that they at least inform them about it.

3. The Portal will periodically do inquiries for study purposes. If background information was necessary for the realization of this inquiry, it will be subjected to the norms of confidentiality.

4. may utilize "cookies" for any registration that may be required in order to gain access to the personalized services.

A so called "cookie" is a small amount of data that a server sends to the navigator. This "cookie" is stored in the user's hard disk with the following purposes (among others):

a) Indication of who the user is.

b) Indication of how and how often the user enters the Portal.

c) Indication of the global traffic of registered and non registered users of the Portal.

d) Indication of the sections most entered, the regularity and the days and hours they are visited.

The resultant information allows among other actions to:

a) Do estimations how many registered and non registered users visit this Portal.

b) Orientate ourself by our possible advertisers of the Portal.

c) Authorize the advertisers so they can control the visits to these pages where their advertisements are.

d) Keep a constant overall view of the Portal to assure it meets its offers the best way possible.

The "cookies" are installed during the user's registration- or postcode storage process or when entering the Portal.

By utilizing the sections of this Portal that demand a registration, the user accepts that "cookies" are sent to him and are stored in his hard disk of his equipment, declaring at that very moment to know what these small amounts of data are, why and how they are used.

It's up to whether it authorizes the advertisers of its pages and/or sections or not to use their own "cookies", the same ones the users accept at the moment of registering or when their address is being stored. On no account do the advertisers have access to the database of the user registration neither to the background information they have provided for this Portal.

5. If an advertiser asks for background information or personal data in his advertisement, will specifically notice and warn the user but it will be up to him whether he provides that information or not, exempting this Portal from all responsibility.

6. keeps a commercial association with Google enterprise wich provides commercial advertisements that help, in part, to finance this Portal.

a) Google uses associated publicity enterprises to publish announcements when users visit It’s possible these enterprises use the information they get from visitors to (whithout including name, address, e-mail address or phone number) to offer the users anouncements about interesting products and services.

b) Google uses the cookie from DART from Doubleclick in the announcements  published in When a user enter to and sees an announcement and makes a click in it,it is possible a cookie is entered in his navigator. Data that are compiled from these cookies are used for helping to to publish an administer announcements in  a better way.

c) Users from can disqualify the use of cookie from DART having acces to the announcement from Google and to the policy of privacity of the net of content .

7. specifically records its definition as a Hermetic Vertical Website, meaning that it is a specialized site that preferably provides elaborated material for the user compiled and developed by its own staff and furthermore, that it is not linked to any other websites of the Internet.

Nevertheless, may authorize links if those are within the framework of its specialization and their contents do not affect states that it cannot prevent that other websites establish non authorized links to this Portal but against such proceedings will be taken as the ones indicated in the General Conditions.

It is necessary to warn the users that authorized as well as non authorized third parties may obtain personal information of the user via those links. In that case is neither liable for the confidentiality of this information nor for its use.

Third parties could also obtain personal information via the electronic mail, the blackboard of advertisements or chat rooms. Regarding this aspect, each user needs to move responsibly within the World Wide Web, keeping his password and account information secretly.

8. will only reveal personal backgrounds in the following cases: a) if the user has clearly authorized this Portal to do so and b) if it is required by law or any other competent authority.

For all legal effects the original text of "Privacy and Confidentiality" is available in its original language Spanish.

Updated in April 4th 2009

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