About Us

   Loveandquestions.com combines in its organizational structure a group of independent Chilean, German and US-American professionals of communication, computing, education, medicine, psychology and sociology whose task it is to offer the young people something different and respectful via the World Wide Web.

   This offer, materialized in this Portal, may make a contribution to the development of the adolescent users and may be a service instrument for the parents and teachers to orientate the young people, converting the provided contents into useful tools for this daily task it is.

loveandquestions.com is composed of the following staff:

Manuel Fuentes Wendling   Liliana Fuentes Riquelme

Chief Executive Officer

Publisher in Chief

  Ana Luisa Varas Alvarez. Jorge Iribarren Espejo


Technical Director
  Alejandra Cassino Marcel Karina Jiménez Tolentino


  Andrea Silva Villalobos Elizabeth Palma Ruminot
Journalist Graphic Designer.
Héctor Faúndez Muñoz Juan Enrique Prieto Urzúa

Aesthetics Personal Consultant

  Lawyer and Legal Advisor
Humberto Guerra Gutierrez Michaela Steininger

Press Photographer

Translator Spanish-English-German. University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany.

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