Legal Terms and Conditions

The following General Conditions regulate the use of the service of this website. Its international identification and registered trademark is "", a free offer to all users of the World Wide Web that will generally, as a whole or simultaneously be called "" or simply "Portal" from now on.

1. Any person, as an individual or as a representative of legal entity, using, unreservedly accepts each and every single one of the General Conditions explained herein which the users are to read carefully before utilizing this Portal, available in its original language Spanish at the website "".

2. may modify its presentation and design any time and without prior notice, as well as it reserves the right to modify or eliminate some services and/or required conditions that permit access to and/or utilize this Portal and the services it offers.

3. The access to is free for any user of the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, the entrance into some of its sections or the participation or interaction in some of them may require a registration, demanding a password that will be created and confirmed by one and the same user that will then automatically join the register system of this Portal. However, in other sections, reserves the right, solely for the user's security and guarantee, to assign a password, if necessary, after checking the applicant's data. also reserves the right to annul the assigned password without prior warning or explications.

The users are committed to keep their passwords, that they have confirmed and unreservedly designated for, absolutely secret in order to have access to the services of this Portal and are therefore legally taking responsibility for occasional expenses and damages caused by third parties that are due to the careless use of such passwords.

4. From the moment the users are utilizing they agree to be bound by all of the General Conditions, to use this Portal according to moral, universally accepted customs and public norms, they are obligated to abstain from using this Portal and the services it offers for illegal purposes that oppose these General Conditions set forth below, that violates the rights and interests of third parties or harms, abuses, overloads or deteriorates this Portal.

5. The users commit themselves to not use the contents of this Portal in an incorrect or illegal way, to abstain from using it against law, against public norms or moral and general accepted customs.

6. The users must not utilize any technical source to transform or modify the contents of this Portal that have been put in the Internet if they do not dispose of the correspondent authority.
Nevertheless and in recognition of the specific existence of the Cession of Rights, under which conditions this Portal is founded, does not assume any responsibility if, once the user has obtained and copied material of this Portal through any technical mean, gains access to modifications that could constitute, in one way or another, violation of the legal rights.

For the checking of the contents of this Portal, the person legally responsible for keeps a register of all initiated texts and graphics that have been put in the Internet; the entire content was legalized by a public notary of the city of Santiago de Chile through a sworn statement and deed that certify that the exhibitions correspond to the ones that are in the Internet. Each time a change of the text or graphic contents is made, it will be legalized and enclosed with the register that has a numerical page correlation. declares that the spirit of the set in the paragraph before is to protect this Portal from potential technological and non authorized interference by third parties and, at the same time, makes the public and international statement that it has assumed all the technological precautions in order to avoid, within the possible framework, malicious alteration of the text and graphic contents that could somehow affect or upset the users in general.

7. The users may not use any texts, graphics, photographs and design of this Portal for any public or commercial purpose; all contents are completely legally protected and have a registered trademark or possess the correspondent Copyright.

8. The sections that, because of their nature and because of using the correspondent passwords, permit the users to introduce texts or graphic contents, photographs and/or design into this Portal and make it accessible to other users, will from now on be called "Open Pages"; they require the user to make whatever contribution according to law, morality, the General Conditions and to the customs that are accepted by the public.

According to the previous point, it is prohibited to display, distribute or place contents like texts, graphics and photographs on third parties' disposal via the "Open Pages" that would somehow contravene, despise or infringe the basic human rights that are constitutionally recognized in international treaties and all other legal regulations; induce, incite or promote criminal, degrading, defamatory, violent or libellous acts that are against law, morality and customs; induce, incite or promotes acts, attitudes or discriminating ideas relating to sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition; incorporate, display or permit access to criminal, violent, pornographic or degrading services and/or products, elements and messages; induce a unacceptable state of anxiety or fear; provoke acts that are dangerous, risky or harmful to health and the psychological balance; be false, ambiguous, incorrect, exaggerated or extemporary, in the way that it could lead to mistake the object or the intentions of the sender; be protected by Copyright and patent rights belonging to third parties; reveal business secrets of third parties without having previously obtained the necessary authorization; be against civil law, privacy and the image of others; infringe the norms of the privacy of correspondence and secrecy of the mails; constitute illicit, deceitful or disloyal advertising and would constitute unfair competition; incorporate viruses or other electronic data that injure or impede the normal function of the World Wide Web, of computer hard- and software of third parties or of this Portal or injure electronic documents and stored files of computer hard- and software.

Furthermore, is not obligated to control the displayed and distributed contents or contents that are made available to third parties through the users via the "Open Pages". Nevertheless, reserves the right to revise text and graphic contents or photographs that have been displayed, distributed or opened to third parties through the users via the "Open Pages" at any moment and without prior warning, on its own initiation or at third parties' request, in order to impede or interrupt its display, distribution or access to third parties through all the technical means possible if it beliefs that it violates the General Conditions or infringes the rights and customs that are universally accepted although a legislation that regulates those does not exist. declares that the information, concepts and stated opinions on the "Open Pages" do not inevitably reflect its position as a website, neither the one of its director, employees, members and/or stockholders nor of its advertisers, advisors and/or sponsors; therefore no responsibility is assumed regarding any of the mentioned above.

9. The term or concept Portal, as it is equally called in its original language Spanish, means, according to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language of the Real Academia Española (Royal Academy of the Spanish Language), "hallway or first room of a building, the main door that provides access to all other rooms." The difference between a personal, professional, institutional or cooperative Website and a Portal is that the Portal offers a variety of services including the possibility for financial or commercial transactions. And in order to distinguish between the sites of general contents and the specialized sites, the first one is categorized as Horizontal whereas the second one is called Vertical. To these concepts,, as a universal contribution, adds a new aspect that is designated as Hermetic. This means that it is not linked to other sites unless they are of its own or have been properly and specifically authorized.

As a consequence, is defined as a Vertical and Hermetic Website from its foundation on and only the user, natural person or entity that has been properly qualified and authorized may establish links between his or her own page and any of the pages of this Portal.

In case it detects the existence of an unauthorized link through any security mean or resource, all the available electronic resources will be utilized, already active in this Portal, in order to find out the address or identity of the transgressor with the purpose to neutralize his action. Furthermore there will be exercised all legal actions possible that will judge the case according to the national and international legislations currently in force with the purpose to hold the transgressor responsible for any injury and damage this Portal might suffer.

10. As a consequence of the disregard of the here stated obligations, this Portal may be held responsible for the violation with an administrative fine, a trial or decree or a mutual negotiation agreement and the user that has caused the damage will have to repay or the one that legally represents this Portal, the total amount within a 60 day period, counted from the date of the written notification that will receive.

11. From the moment of using this Portal and its contents the users have to exclusively do so with responsibility.

12. does not guarantee the availability and smooth running of this Portal or the function of the services. Therefore, this Portal excludes any responsibility for any damage and/or harm that may occur or for any lack of availability or smooth running of this Portal and its services.

13. As this Portal freely cedes the royalties of the authorized text contents it prohibits its commercialization and reserves the right to legally act against those that contravene this regulation.

14. If a user doesn't comply with these regulations and obligations expressed in these clauses, may expel him, prevent further access to this website and all its services without prior warning, on its own initiation or at third parties' request.

15. Any user, natural person or legal entity that believes that part of the text and graphic contents or photographs violates, affects or infringes the civil law/public rights, may notify Juan Enrique Prieto in a written form; email: lawyer (arroba)

16. Accepting these General Conditions the user declares specifically that: a) he/she is a person capable to entrust; b) that he/she entered this website of his/her own free will and hasn't been coerced; and c) that he/she has thoroughly read all of the clauses of these General Conditions and has assumed the commitment to comply with them.

17. These General Conditions are governed by the laws currently in force of the Republic of Chile and the user accepts to comply with them in any situation that warrants it.

18. These General Conditions may be modified by without prior advice.

19. For all legal effects the original text of "Legal Terms and Conditions" is available in its original language Spanish.

Updated in April 4th 2009

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